Dr. Bwalya Lungu

serving on the African Initiative Group (AIG) executive committee since 2016 and currently serves as the organization Secretary.

Dr. Lungu is responsible for the organization of the various AIG virtual conferences and Webinars. Prior to serving on the executive committee, Dr. Lungu was an active student member of AIG from 2003 when she joined ASM as a graduate student from the University of Arkansas. It was not until 2016, that Dr. Lungu accepted an active role in the AIG Executive committee and has not looked back since. Of AIG she says “I have seen this organization grow from just a few members to what it is now with a listserve of over 100 scientists from Africa and the diaspora. My hope is that we will see more active, innovative, young and vibrant members with a passion for disseminating microbiology education in Africa and the diaspora.

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Dr. Lungu is a food scientist and Associate Professor of the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Lungu has been with UC Davis since 2016. Dr. Lungu’s background spans academia, research and industry in microbiology and food safety. Her work includes research on conventional and molecular diagnostics of microorganisms and innovative strategies to engage students in science and STEM based courses. In her current position, Dr. Lungu currently teaches a range of courses, having developed and delivered curriculum relating to food safety and government regulations. Dr. Lungu now focuses on food safety education with a special emphasis on Africa. She has published on food safety, microbial diagnostics, innovative pedagogical strategies for student engagement in peer-reviewed journals and is an expert in diagnostic issues in the poultry industry, serving on the USDA-National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) technical committee, currently on the NPIP Mycoplasma, Avian 6 Influenza and Salmonella Committees (vice chair). Dr. Lungu is a certified lead trainer for FSMA-Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCQI) and HACCP. She is also a certified Produce Safety Alliance trainer, Dr. Lungu can provide training on the safe production of various human foods and fresh produce. She especially enjoys training and working with those wanting to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical concepts that can be applied for “real world” solutions in the food industry. Originally from Zambia, she has extensive experience working with intercultural audiences across a range of ages from multiple disciplines. She successfully hosted Cochran Fellows in Food Safety and Regulations in 2018 and 2022 and continues to do food safety and pedagogy presentations in the USA and around the globe.